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As many people are aware, we are a family run business.  Due to the crazy circumstances, we are currently in we are unable to open to the public. We are having to spend an unprecedented amounts of time in the house, and I know I for one, am suffering from cabin fever. In order to avoid this, we have been playing plenty of escape room games!

As any escape room designer knows, it is addictive to design puzzles, put them together, and watch others play them. That’s why I’m not surprised that there has been a huge flood of ‘play at home’ escape games coming from all over. Some are by designers, some by enthusiasts. There are also plenty of escape room card games that have been available for quite a while. We have played quite a few of these, and others we have had on our watchlist for too long.

We, the Exitus Team, have taken it upon ourselves to play these games, and review them. Their puzzles, their flow, their aesthetics. We are going to make regular posts on here to share our thoughts on these games.

Fortunately we have not yet failed to complete one of these games outside the designated time, but I know that these games are going to be putting us to the test!

Unit next time!


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