Tenovus Virus Tinkerers


Do you have what it takes to be a Virus Tinkerer?  Prove your worth and raise money for Tenovus Cancer Care at the same time.

5% of all bookings donated to Tenovus.

Welcome to the Tenovus Cancer Care Research Labs. Dr Alan Parker has been conducting ground-breaking research in the field of fighting cancer. He’s managed to change the DNA of specific viruses and train them to attack cancer cells instead of healthy cells.

Dr Parker is away at a conference. You arrive in the lab and realise the electricity had failed in the cleanroom and the backup battery, which powers the incubator has been running all weekend. It now has just 60 minutes of energy left, if it runs out of fuel the retrained viruses will deteriorate and fail.

It’s down to you to gain access to the cleanroom and change the backup battery to the incubator before Dr Parker returns from the conference.

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